Dial-up division boosts AOL in Q2 2014

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Tim Armstrong's company continues to make a significant amount of money from dial-up subscribers.

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AOL released mixed Q2 2014 results on Aug. 6, with the company posting an EPS of 34 cents on $606.8 million in revenue. Analysts expected 44 cents on $596 million. The company's membership division, which includes its dial-up service, stood at 2.8 million subscribers.

The membership division earned $143.4 million in adjusted OIBDA (profit minus certain costs like taxes), more than the $121 million earned by the rest of the company's other divisions combined.

While still profitable for the company, AOL's membership division has slowly lost subscribers over the past few years. There were 3.62 million subscribers in early 2011 and 2.8 million by the end of 2012. The average price of an AOL subscription is $20.86.

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