Members of Bonanno NY crime family and union leaders indicted

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Seven members of the Bonanno crime syndicate, one of the infamous "5 Families" of NYC, were indicted along with two union leaders.

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On July 9, Manhattan prosecutors announced the indictments of 7 members of the Bonanno family--including jailed captain Nicky Santora--and 2 union leaders. Charges include enterprise corruption, extortion, gambling, drug dealing and loansharking. So far, 7 have plead not guilty.

Prosecutors accuse the group of several schemes: setting up an online sports gambling "wire room" in Costa Rica that earned $7 million; selling 300,000 pills of Viagra; and working with the indicted union leaders to co-opt members into gambling and other rackets.

"Many mistakenly believe that the mob has disappeared entirely except when you watch HBO." Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan District Attorney

Santora, 71, is serving a 20-month sentence on a conviction for extortion. Prosecutors say he is the captain of the crew that was part of the Bonanno syndicate when FBI agent Joseph Pistone infiltrated the family using the name Donnie Brasco, which was the title of a Hollywood film based on the story.

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