More than 100 sickened with suspected food poisoning at Food Safety Summit

U.S. -

The Food Safety Summit held in Baltimore in April has seen at least 100 of its 1,300 attendees sickened with the symptoms of food poisoning.

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1,300 of the country's top food safety officers attended the conference at the Baltimore Convention Center between April 8 to 10. Since then, Maryland health officials have heard back from 400 attendees, 100 of whom have suffered gastroenteritis with symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. The actual toll may be higher.

"We are working on evaluating possible exposures and doing testing at the Maryland state public health laboratory to attempt to identify an agent." Maryland Dept. of Health

City officials inspecting the convention and its catering provider Centerplate gave it a citation for condensation dripping from ice machine, however the cause of the attendees' sickness has not been identified.

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