Gezi Park political party emerges in Turkey

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A political party named for the Istanbul site where the latest swell of mass protests took hold has been founded.

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Named for Istanbul's Gezi Park, where mass anti-government protests jumped off earlier in 2013, the Gezi Party seeks to keep the "Gezi spirit" alive. It is Turkey's 77th official political party. The next local elections are March 2014, presidential elections are August 2014, and general elections will be held in 2015.

"In the Gezi Party, chairman means spokesperson. Gezi does not accept any leader." Cem Koksal, Gezi Party cofounder

Koksal, a 37-year-old guitarist from Istanbul, describes a horizontal party structure common of grassroots organizations.

"We know that we can't have a democratic Constitution without fighting. Nobody will say, "Here are human rights for you, here's a fair Constitution that enables all of you to live together." Entering into Parliament is necessary to change the Constitution" Gezi Party Facebook page

The party (GZP) has been organized largely through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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