Ghana rationing power to ensure electricity for World Cup viewing

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Authorities in the West African nation took steps ahead of the team's appearance in the 2014 World Cup to make sure the surge in TV viewers doesn't cause a power outage.

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Copyright 2014 Reuters
Copyright 2014 Reuters

Ghana's hydroelectric power supplies have been reduced due to low water levels at energy-producing dams on the Volta River. The country's utilities firm has been rationing electricity with periodic shutdowns, but expects water levels to return, along with full generating capacity, by July.

Ghana also bought 50 megawatts from neighboring Ivory Coast ahead of the June 16 World Cup match, anticipating a surge in electricity usage. Power plants plan to run at maximum capacity and the country's largest smelter, and biggest electricity user, Volta Aluminum will also slow production when Ghana plays.

"These plans are put in place for consumers to watch uninterruptible football matches during the World Cup." Ghana Public Utilities Regulatory Commission

Ghana's hydroelectric dams haven't been able to keep up with the country's growth and sporadic power outages are common. The government has invested in alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind and natural gas, but none has yet to produce meaningful amounts of electricity.

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