Louisiana man on death row for 30 years exonerated, freed

U.S. -

Glenn Ford, now 64, was sentenced to death after being convicted of murder in 1984. Prosecutors said recently discovered evidence proved his innocence, which he always maintained.

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Source: www.caddosheriff.org
Source: www.caddosheriff.org

Shreveport, LA

Ford was convicted by an all-white jury for the shooting death of Isadore Rozeman, 56, in a robbery at Rozeman's jewelry store. Ford insisted that he was neither at the store nor involved in the crime.

"My sons — when I left — was babies. Now they grown men with babies… My mind's going all kinds of directions, but it feels good… Thirty years of my life, if not all of it. I can't go back." Glenn Ford

Prior to his March 11 release, Ford had been on Louisiana's death row longer than any other prisoner. Ford told reporters after his release that he was resentful for his wrongful imprisonment.

"I was having complete strangers call me on the phone asking what they could do to help. We're trying to do what we can to help him make the transition." Gary Clements, Ford's lawyer

Clements said on March 24 that after Ford was released, he received many offers for donations. In response, the lawyer set up an Amazon Wish List for Ford, mostly of household items as well as food, clothing and electronics. Prison authorities supplied Ford with a $20 gift card upon his release.

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