Former LulzSec hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur sentenced to time served

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Better known as Sabu, former Hector Xavier Monsegur helped the FBI track down and arrest several other hackers after he became an informant in 2011.

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Copyright 2014 Reuters

The former LulzSec hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu, was sentenced on May 27 to time served plus one year of supervised release. Prosecutors had asked the District Court in New York for leniency because of his cooperation in tracking down other hackers. Monsegur had faced up to 26 years in prison.

Monsegur's cooperation with the FBI was praised by U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Preska, calling it "truly extraordinary."

"Monsegur's cooperation was extraordinarily valuable and productive… His timely decision to cooperate helped prevent or mitigate hundreds of hacks [and] allowed the Government to develop sufficient evidence to charge multiple individuals with serious computer crimes." Preet Bharara, U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York

Prosecutors on May 23 had asked the court for leniency for Monsegur because of his "extraordinary" cooperation. Monsegur became an FBI informant in 2011 the very same day that he was tracked down to a New York apartment building. Prosecutors said his cooperation helped prevent as many as 300 cyberattacks.

LulzSec is a splinter group of the hacker collective known as Anonymous. The NYT reported in April that Monsegur had in 2012 coordinated a series of hacks against the websites of several countries, including Brazil, Israel, and Nigeria. The FBI did not comment when contacted by the Times.

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