Yelp reviewers' lawsuit in disarray following dismissal

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A group of Yelp users had filed a lawsuit against the company in October 2013, claiming that reviewing businesses for the company made them employees.

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A California federal court on Feb. 19 dismissed the lawsuit. The reviewers' attorney had until mid-March to appeal but had not done so, meaning the lawsuit as it was originally filed is now closed.

The lawsuit was dismissed by the California federal court without prejudice, meaning it can be re-filed, though by March 27 no new lawsuit had been filed against the company.

"I've never heard of Circa and I don't talk to reporters, so where does this leave us?" Daniel A. Bernath, Attorney for Yelp reviewers

Bernath immediately hung up his telephone when contacted by Circa on March 27 to inquire about the status of the lawsuit. The plaintiffs in mid-January filed a request with the court to replace their original attorney, Randy Rosenblatt, with Bernath, citing a lack of communication with Rosenblatt.

Yelp had called the lawsuit a "textbook example of a frivolous lawsuit" when it was first filed in October 2013.

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